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SIAV Mobile App


The SIAV app is run through our membership platform provider, Member Jungle. The mobile app provides a way to stay up to date with what's going on across SIAV. Plus receive immediate notifications about important news items, events, full member blogs, chat rooms and more. Emails will be sent out with direct links to our website, hence you will need to ensure you can log in to the website first.


Download the Member Jungle App


The first thing you need to do is download the mobile app onto your device. Select which device you have and click on the icon below and download the "Member Jungle" app. 



Search and add SIAV

Click on your new Member Jungle App icon and open the new app. 

We recommend you allow notifications, so you can receive important updates from SIAV

You will be taken to the search screen to find SIAV Membership. Start typing SIAV name in the search bar, as pictured.  Once you can see SIAV, hit Sign In.




Click on either

Member Jungle Mobile AppMember Jungle Mobile App


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Logging In To the App


Use your login details from the website to login.

If you don't know your details click on the "Forgot my Password" link and it will take you to the SIAV website where you will be asked to reset your password. 


*Note: Your default username is your work email address.

*If you are still receiving an error, please contact your organisation may not be registered



SIAV Dashboard





You will then be taken to the SIAV dashboard where you can access all the latest news, events, blogs, documents and your membership card and account details. When Conferences are running this will also be accessible in the dashboard.  


Editing Your Account

You can access your Membership profile easily from the app by clicking on the "My Account" icon on the dashboard.

You can update your details, address contact numbers at any time and this will automatically update our database.